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The Small Stage... Where size doesn't really matter.

A show about music and the people who play it

The Small Stage is a music television program that spotlights individual performers who are the driving force behind popular independent bands. Join host Stephen Palmer as he takes us up-close & personal with the artist through performance, interview, and field segments. The Small Stage received an Award of Excellence in the 2004 Best of the Northwest Video Festival in the Original Performance category.

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The Small Stage airs in Tacoma on Channel 76
as part of the 29 Live program.

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The Small Stage Crew

Host:  Stephen Palmer
Producer:  Rob Hursh
Audio:  Kelly Blanchard, Stephen Coy
Director:  Rob Hursh
Technical Director:  Pete Cusumano
Set Director:  Angelo Comeaux
Lighting Director:  Maury Webber
Camera:  Erin Cass, Ken McNabb, Bill Meier, Jillian Rood
Floor Director:  Ken McNabb
Production Assistant:  Dawn Hesselbrock, Joy Koslosky
Video Montage Stars:  Baxter Palmer, Tyler Palmer
Field Interview Crew:  Rob Hursh, Stephen Palmer
Post Production:  Rob Hursh, Stephen Palmer
Audio Gear:  Cleopatra Park, Infinite Instant
Theme Music:  Skipping Stones
Written by:  Kelly Blanchard
Performed by:  Blue Star Creeper
Graphic Design:  Rob Hursh

Sneak Previews

Small Stage host Stephen Palmer

The Small Stage
Clips Medley

Jeremy Wilson
Mercury Records Rep

Kelly Blanchard
Field Piece (short)

Jim Sykes
Studio Interview (short)

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On The Small Stage

Artist Taping
Broadcast Debut Notes (at the time of taping)
Porter Harp
Porter Harp - The Small Stage
1/12/2003   We taped this pre-pilot episode of The Small Stage with Porter Harp performing in a tightly packed basement studio in Ballard and used the material to develop the production plan for subsequent episodes.
Graig Markel
Graig Markel - The Small Stage
2/23/2003 4/18/2003 Graig melds moody indie rock with 70's soul. His latest release "The Gospel Project" is available from Pattern 25 Records.
Robb Benson
Robb Benson - The Small Stage
2/28/2003 2/28/2003 The former Nevada Bachelor is the front man and primary songwriter for Dear John Letters. The band's recordings along with Robb's work as a solo artist are available from Roam Records. This show was broadcast live as it happened.
Dick Rossetti
Dick Rossetti - The Small Stage
3/28/2003 3/28/2003 Dick is joined by fellow Comb Over Rock Outfit members Bald Steve and Bill Ibsen for this show. The band's new album, "Songs About Sunshine" just hit the streets on King Beagle Records. This show was broadcast live as it happened.
Jeremy Wilson
Jeremy Wilson - The Small Stage
4/18/2003 5/16/2003 Jeremy recently released his first solo effort, "Honey/Moon/Life" on Portland's Mastan Music. His previous groups, Perfect Circle, Dharma Bums, and Pilot are among the most renown NW bands of the 80's & 90's.
Alice Stuart
Alice Stuart - The Small Stage
5/9/2003 4/16/2004 Alice first hit the Seattle scene during the folk scare of the early 60's, and her musical career has taken her all over, up around the bend, and back. "Alice cut the road that Bonnie (Raitt) travelled" -  Taj Mahal, November 1999.
Gerald Collier
Gerald Collier - The Small Stage
5/30/2003 6/4/2004 "He combines all of the key elements that make up a truly great musical artist. Ideas, passion, chops, personality. He's got it all, in spades. In the late 80's and early 90's, Gerald spent his time writing songs and singing and playing guitar in the criminally, I mean, criminally overlooked band, Best Kissers In The World." -  Isota Records
Jim Sykes
Jim Sykes - The Small Stage
8/1/2003 6/11/2004 Jim is best known for his band Hoovercain. He is raising eyebrows with his latest effort, a solo release called Bush Recordings From Darkest Peru 2003, which he wrote and recorded on location, in the Peruvian Amazon on a mono Nagra E tape recorder.
Porter Harp
Porter Harp - The Small Stage
8/8/2003 7/16/2004 "The name Porter Harp may make you think of a Seattle microbrew, but he is, in fact, an engaging Seattle singer/songwriter/guitarist who has produced one of the finest debut albums of the year. Drowsy guitars and warm, inviting vocals in a classic rock vein are all over Drinking Season." -  Crispin Kott, West Coast Performer.
Kelly Blanchard
Kelly Blanchard - The Small Stage
8/22/2003 7/23/2004 Kelly is a talented singer/songwriter and the man behind local Seattle band Blue Star Creeper. He has been playing in bands in the Seattle area since 1990 or so, and owns & operates his own basement project studio Cleopatra Park. His song "Skipping Stones" sans vocals, doubles as theme music for The Small Stage.
Baxter PalmerBaxter PalmerBaxter Palmer

The Small Stage was produced in 2003 as a TV pilot series. The program is currently not in production.
For more information about The Small Stage, email us.

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