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The Northwest's Premier Music Television Showcase 29 Live - Rockin' the cable airwaves since 1995 29 Live - Featuring local, regional & touring bands

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The Northwest's Premier Music Television Showcase

For 7 years we pushed the envelope at the local cable access station with 200 episodes of a live broadcast local music performance show called 29 Live. The program featured local, regional & touring bands, and aired live-as-it-happened from the big studio at the SCAN TV Production Center in Seattle on Channel 29/77 from 1995-2002.

Episode #200 on 3/22/2002 with The SuperChamps! was our final live broadcast. See Press Release. Although the show no longer airs in Seattle, classic episodes of 29 Live, along with material from Stepping Out, The Small Stage, and Bend My Ear Seattle air in Tacoma on Channel 76 every Tuesday 5pm and Friday 10:30pm. See Television Schedule and Video Clips.

29 Live clips on You Tube

Besides expanding a band's audience and fan base, the program also documented a snapshot in time of the local music scene, and perhaps provided a springboard to future success as well. Artists featured on 29 Live have later appeared on HBO (The Delusions) and Conan O'Brien (Jim Roth with Built to Spill), had their videos play on MTV (SushiRobo), and have been awarded local grammies (Susan Robkin).

The entirely "do-it-yourself" aspect of 29 Live was an immense experience for the production team. We definitely exceeded our modest goal of producing a quality television program while having plenty of fun in the process. For more information about 29 Live or to find out what else we are doing, head over to the Whale Bone Productions web site or write us.

Mugwump - 29 Live Ep #69, 5/9/1997 Underride - 29 Live Ep #162, 10/27/2000 Honey Tongue - 29 Live Ep #194, 12/28/2001 Magic Cordoba - 29 Live Ep #196, 1/25/2002 Ballard Bridge Trolls - 29 Live Ep #58, 2/20/1997
Awkward Star - 29 Live Ep #188, 9/28/2001 Matchless - 29 Live Ep #119, 11/20/1998 The Meltdowns - 29 Live Ep #64, 11/17/2000 CXQ5 - 29 Live Ep #37 8/13/1996

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